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    Garden from 2012

  • Corn

    Corn taller than Pastor George!

  • Garden Collage

    Pumpkins, Watering, Sun Flowers, Potatoe Bed

  • Garden 2013

    Garden from 2013 w/Tomatoe Trusses

  • Garden

    Garden 2013

  • Garden

    Garden from 2012

  • Garden

    Garden from 2012

Community Garden


Community GardenThere are many parts of the world that are starving and have the ability to grow food. Having been to Nicaragua and Cameroon Africa, we have witnessed this first hand. One of our goals is to feed the world and we plan on doing this by teaching and demonstrating how to create a sustainable raised bed intensive garden. 

In our world of commercialized farming, food is created for economic reasons and not nutrition reasons and therefore research shows us that our foods have lost more than half the nutrition over the last 60 years. Farmers only add Nitrogen, phosphorous and potash (potassium) leaving the other minerals (e.g. iron, magnesium and manganese) to be more depleted each year.

In a quest to “Feed the world” and to create more nutritious food, we started our garden project. We want to show the world that we grow a lot of our food and we don’t eat only from the refrigerator.

Growing your own food locally is better economically for the group benefiting from the food, it is more nutritious (and tasty) and it is more environmentally friendly. It also allows for more social interaction with the neighbours and it also allows for some physical exercise. There are no negative reasons for doing a garden.

The trick to growing food is to grow the soil. If you have great soil, you will have great vegetables. So a local composting station is very important. Most 3rd world countries cannot afford to purchase fertilizer and that is why they cannot grow food. We believe that everyone can make their own fertilizer by composting their kitchen and garden vegetable waist.

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Our Goal

So when you come, you are loved. No matter who you are or what you've done you are loved.

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